Message from the Kentucky Hunters For The Hungry Chairman
Mike Ohlmann

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Hunters For the Hungry (HFH) was started 12 years ago here in Kentucky. The idea was to provide the opportunity for hunters with small or no families to hunt and harvest more deer, there by filling more of the doe tags as desired by KDF&WL, for herd management. This would also provide an opportunity to share what we hunters have funded and supported with the community at large. It would also reveal a far more accurate and positive image of sportsmen and women, hunting and the value of conservation. All of this plus feeding the most needy in our communities, truly a win, win, and win situation!

The program was manned completely by volunteers, mostly hunters and deer processors, who are busiest during the deer season. Other than start up funds to print and advertise it operated unfunded. In spite of those large hurtles and again demonstrating the commitment of sportsmen to wildlife and humanity the program was a large success. Providing thousands of pound of nutritious venison to homeless shelters and soup kitchens.

The program has spread and is now in more than 40 states, operating not only as Hunters For The Hungry, but also as Safari Club Int.'s Sportsmen Against Hunger, Sharing the Bounty, and many other names. These efforts nation wide have provided countless tons of meat to the needy, generated positive press everywhere and installed hunting tradition back into many urban communities.

Here in Kentucky the program has continued on a voluntary basis. And as the deer herd has expanded taxidermists and processors have actually become busier and less able to donate time and space to the cause. Ultimately this is causing a down turn in the program at a time when actually it should be growing.

History Hunters For The Hungry Today How can I help ?

This Program is sponsored bySafari Club International,The National Wild Turkey Federation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation,Kentucky Harvest, The League of Kentucky Sportsmen and the Kentucky
Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources.