Kentucky Hunters For The Hungry
2000 Policy For Deer Donations And Processors

Recognizing the large number of deer, hunter enthusiasm, high interest in participation, as well as the tremendous workload deer season puts on meat processors and the importance of this program Kentucky Hunters for the Hungry has set forth the following policy for the 2000 deer hunting season.

Hunters are urged to harvest and donate deer primarily in the:

A. Early and late archery season

B. The youth gun season

C. Muzzle loader season

D. Bonus and quota seasons outside of November 13-22

Processors are allowed to:

Set predetermined limits as to the number of deer they will accept. Set and limit the calendar days or seasons they will be able to accept donated deer
Predetermine and set how deer may be presented as follows:

A. Fully field dressed- cleaned- un-skinned

B. Clean, skinned, and quartered

C. Lesser amounts of clean, bone in or bone out and/or commercially processed packages

Processors may charge the following fees for services:

  • Accepting whole, un-skinned, field dressed, clean deer, boning out and grinding $30.00
  • Accepting clean, skinned and quartered whole deer. boning out and grinding $20.00
  • Accepting bone in quarters, boning out and grinding $5.00 each
  • Accepting boneless or packaged commercially processed portions, and grinding as necessary N/C
* All deer meat will be packed in 5 or 10 lb. packages.

Kentucky Hunters for the Hungry will make every effort to acknowledge all Processors and to specify their parameters for the accepting donations through the media, internet, and KDF&W Hunter Services Hotline.

As Kentucky Hunters for the Hungry is a non-profit organization with limited funds available to pay processors for services, processors will receive reimbursement as follows:

A. Donating hunter pays full cost of processing his/her donation (He/she will receive a tax deductible receipt and a 2000 donor Hunters for the Hungry patch or window sticker)

B. Sportsmen clubs will raise a set amount of money and contract with a particular processor for services to meet that amount. Clubs will receive recognition for their participation

C. Sportsmen organizations, corporations, and individuals will donate tax deductible funds directly to Kentucky Hunters for the Hungry who will in turn contract with processors.

D. Donors will receive public acknowledgement of their gift according to the level of sponsorship.

This Program is sponsored bySafari Club International,The National Wild Turkey Federation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation,Kentucky Harvest, The League of Kentucky Sportsmen and the Kentucky
Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources.