Kentucky Hunters For The Hungry
Note to Hunters

The fall harvest season in America has always been a time of joy, gratefulness and fervor. A mixture of toil and generosity that binds communities, sets the stage for the holiday season, and prepares for winter hardship.

This year Kentucky's hunters, processors, and related industries can play an important role in Kentucky's harvest season. There is a surplus of deer in many Kentucky counties. In some instances, there are more than is healthy for the land and more than those hunters can utilize themselves. These hunters are urged to harvest these deer and provide the meat to Kentucky's less fortunate.

To Make this program a success, Hunters must understand the following:

1. Deer processors are an essential part of this system and thoroughly overworked, especially in the modern weapon season.

2. Processors can not take on this workload for free. ( The $30.00 fee is less than half the standard cost.

3. Processors will only be able to accept a limited number of donated deer even with fees being paid.

The seasons other than modern weapon season are more favorable to accept donations.

5. Processors can not accept deer that have not been cleanly field dressed and well-cared, carcasses in "good" condition

6. Kentucky Hunters for the Hungry is very likely the best thing to come along in hunting since smokeless powder, The Processors are vital to its success. Be sure to show your gratitude.

This Program is sponsored bySafari Club International,The National Wild Turkey Federation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation,Kentucky Harvest, The League of Kentucky Sportsmen and the Kentucky
Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources.